• It has interface for video on demand indexing.
  • Secure communication.
  • Integrated with systems of procedural management.
  • Handling and operation easy and intuitive interface.
  • Connection indicator.
  • Mobile devices.

OTIS than for its acronym in English “Oral Trials Interconnection Systems” (interconnection for oral trials, is a system that integrates procedural management and information systems to the public through the use of "WebServices" Web services, to share information between platforms and achieve a perfect communication between systems.


Management module.

  • They enter only users with administrator roles.
  • The inquiry's hearings is scheduled over a period of time.
  • Cancellation of hearings scheduled, keeping log this type of movement.
  • Inquiry of random key of a specific audience.
  • Consultation generated notes during the hearing.
  • Inquiry of attached files captured during the hearing.
  • Creating and deleting quick ratings, which are created by groups.
  • Query the system error log.
  • Audit query per user.

Audience reservation module.

  • It enables management of one or more rooms of oral proceedings without restriction of rooms registered.
  • It shares all the information generated during the hearing by using WebServices with systems procedural management.
  • The reservation is made through a unique file identification number. Generates random "Token" composed by 6-digit alphanumeric key which is considered the key the audience recording module.
  • Audience information is shared using OUTLOOK calendar at the time to be performs the confirmation of the reservation.
  • All the information about the reservation of the audience is delivered by E-mail and sends the information of the reserve of the audience participants you want.

Licensing system configuration.

  • OTIS-room account with the following modules.
  • Administration module.
  • Audience recording module.
  • Calendar.
  • Searches.
  • Video on demand indexing
  • OTIS-REGIONAL account with the following modules.
  • Administration module.
  • Room booking module.
  • Calendar.
  • Searches
  • Video on demand indexing

Audience recording module.

  • The user controls the audience previously programmed with the following recording functions:
  • The more the generated key unique record number access When making the reservation.
  • Allows access to the meeting until 30 minutes before the hearing scheduled in case that there is audience in development not It allows to start recording of the hearing.
  • Consult all the information of the audience such as: number audience, number of participants, record, link to evidence, scheduled start time.
  • Use of attendance to all participants pass: present, delay, failure.
  • Consultation of the video that is being recorded by way of reference for the operator.
  • Data for the index of recording where it is marked by time, and orator, the text can be free or through the list of options defined previously "quick index" only with use of mouse "one-click" all This during the development of the recording.
  • It allows you to add participants during the course of the hearing.
  • Allows the user to attach files and classify them during the recording of the hearing, as well as add a short description of the same. allows adding files of any type with the exception of file type .exe, .bat, .com, msi.
  • It allows the suspension and resumption of the recording of the hearing.
  • Notice 15 minutes prior to the celebration of the next hearing.
  • Notice of confirmation of term of audience.
  • Connection of the audience once information is end to the system of management through the consumption of web services
  • Update the information entered when the system immediately for all users who are in the same session.
  • It boasts notebook which can be:
  • Public (displayed by all the users in the audience).
  • Private (only viewable by the user who entered them).
  • Certificate (viewable only to users defined in the roles).
  • It has an indicator:
  • Real status.
  • On-line control in real time recording of the teams.
  • The State of the microphones.
  • Manual and automatic outlets switching control (allows to select the socket on the main box.
  • Alert failure in any system.

Then we will show a schematic diagram of as communicating within teams the infrastructure of the CJF, this with the purpose of identifying how work the systems that make up the solution:

  • Server SISE 2 this is centralized in the CD of Mexico.
  • Server Regional OTIS this is 1 by region currently Puebla and Quintana Roo.
  • Room OTIS server this is 1 per room, nowadays Puebla and Cancun.
  • OTIS these customers may be any type of device that has web browser, to gain access to the management platform.
  • RSS client and monitor calendar, this will be deploying the agenda for the day of the hearings that will be held in the region, as well as display information from the Judicial power of the Federation.

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