• Access from any computer ,laptop or even mobile devices with internet access.
  • Manages information in real time.
  • Back up your data.
  • Highly configurable Software.
  • Acquires unlimited number of users.
  • Set permissions for users and roles for each system option.

Redobra is a system designed for developers who wish to control their costs, construction and management processes. It is a system created to deliver timely and reliable information on the operation, progress, budgets, costs and usefulness of each work.


Unit Prices

  • Import your budgets made ​​in OPUS and NEOData.
  • Get a initial budget and identifies the causes and reasons for any changes to the budget.
  • Your costs will never exceed your budgets.
  • Identify your cost per works, cost centers, fronts, batch and supplies.


  • Will have the control they need in their purchases through requisitions and authorizations.
  • Will be efficient the purchases process with the automatic shipments mails to providers and interested of the purchases.
  • Will have online information about supplies to supply, know if the supplier supply the purchases on time or not.

Purchases Manpower

  • You will have a strict control of labor contracts and work orders.
  • You can check price comparisons of labor between contractors for timely decision making purchase.


  • They may search for partial purchase tickets.
  • They validate the tickets authorized purchase orders and accounts payable.
  • You will have the information of stocks of supplies online.

Estimates and Progress of Work

  • They may control the work estimates and payments to contractors.
  • They may provide for advance payments and deductions at each work order to look after the completion of the work .
  • Estimates are always subject to the budgets of the work.

Supplier Portal

  • They save time and make more efficient workflow with its suppliers to be all online.
  • Have quicker lists quotations to be reviewed and authorized.


  • Will control required in the progress and details of the work carried out on site.
  • Decrease the risk of leaks and ghost employees.

System configuration.

  • The system is highly configurable.
  • They may have an unlimited number of users*.
  • You will may set permissions for users and roles for each system option.

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